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The actress poses for a magazine and speaks about separation, her daughter and how to keep in shape.

Grazi Massafera
Revista Claudia
Grazi Massafera

Grazi Massafera is on the cover of the April edition of Claudia magazine. In an interview for the publication, the actress speaks about her separation from Cauã Reymond, with whom she was married for six years. “Of course marital arguments hurt; there is grieving, and frustration, but I won’t play the victim or accuse anyone of being the villain” said Grazi.

The actress, who recently debuted as the presenter of the program “Superbonita”, on GNT, also spoke about the change the arrival of her daughter Sofia brought on her life “Pregnancy turned me into another person, it opened the floodgates”, she commented about the fact she didn’t use to cry before becoming a mother, in an attempt to show strength.

Grazi also revealed how she keeps in shape. The actress started to have boxing lessons at home and is now hooked on the sport. “I started three weeks ago and train at home. It is great aerobic exercise! It uses the whole body. I appear fragile, but I’m strong”.