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The actress was at Fashion Rio to take part in the event, but goes back to New York on Wednesday (09)

Thaila Ayala models at Fashion Week and denies romance with James Franco.
Thaila Ayala models at Fashion Week and denies romance with James Franco.

Thaila Ayala , who is spending some time in New York to take a private English course with voice training and acting, landed in Brazil this week. Among other engagements, the actress featured in her third fashion show for the brand Ausländer, on Tuesday (08), at Fashion Rio.

At the fashion event, Thaila appeared with lighter hair. The change was the actress’s own choice. “I lightened my hair on Friday. It was just me being silly. It’s not for any work, despite having two films coming out soon. Maybe I’ll even have to darken it again”, said Thaila, who will launch a film in May and another in June, in Sao Paulo and in Rio de Janeiro. “One is a comedy which I can’t say much about yet. The other is ‘Apneia’, which will finally be released after three years of fundraising” she said.

Thaila took the opportunity to deny any relationship with the actor James Franco, with whom she was spotted a few weeks ago. “I’ve already said. He (James) is my friend”, she defended. Thaila, who is single, also showed that she took the whole story in good spirit. “I laughed, didn’t I? I’ve already said that we are losing great script writers, because people create fantastic stories, with start, middle and end. I’ve said that if they invent that I am having a relationship with every one of my male friends, I will be the most flirtatious person in Brazil ”.

And as the event is about fashion, Thaila took advantage to talk about her preferences when it comes to dressing. “I value my comfort. Whether at a formal party or going out on the street, I need to be comfortable. I love playing with the possibilities (of the look). I don’t care about brands. The other day I was reported to be wearing Chanel boots worth, I don’t know, thousands, and the boots were not even Chanel” she said.

On Wednesday (09), Thaila flies back to New York. She will spend her 28th birthday, which is on April 14, in Los Angeles, at the Coachella festival.