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“It wasn’t intentional, at no time did I want to discredit the ballerinas” she said about the controversial moment

After making a gaffe live on air on "Domingão do Faustão", on TV Globo, last Sunday (30), and annoying presenter Fausto Silva, the ex-BBB Tatiele Polyana was invited by the show’s ballerinas to take part in a ballet rehearsal for the program. The recording was shown on Sunday (6).

Tatiele takes part in the ballet rehearsal of Faustão
Tatiele takes part in the ballet rehearsal of Faustão

“It wasn’t intentional, at no time did I want to discredit the ballerinas, I think they are all beautiful, and their work is incredible. I apologize to all of you, from my heart. I didn’t want to speak badly. It resonated throughout the whole of Brazil and I was very upset. A live show, guys, I’m not used to it, it was my first, I hope you understand”, regretted the ex-participant of the reality show Big Brother Brazil 2014.

“Things have much greater repercussions on a live program. At the time we were annoyed, but we understood that you hadn’t spoken badly on purpose”, commented Aline Riscado, a ballerina from the program.

The on-stage gaffe she made was that, when asked about her future after the program she said that if nothing worked out in her professional life she would become a ballerina. Faustão was left visibly annoyed and he responded with a barbed comment at the end of her answer.

Controversial declaration

On Sunday (30), Tatiele answered a question from Faustão about work and made a gaffe. “I haven’t had time to think about anything yet, but doors are already opening for me, I’m going to work a lot. And if nothing works out, I can become a ballerina” she said pointing towards the show’s ballet group.

Annoyed, Faustão responded: “That’s were your wrong. It’s difficult to become a ballerina at your age; you have to generally start dancing when you’re a child. Nakamura, how long do you have to study for?” passing over to his stage assistant and ex-ballerina from “Domingão”. “Damn Poly, I defended you a lot and you go and say that. To graduate takes nine years”