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Luciano to use new sketches and a variety of games for 2014. Tatá Werneck will be a reporter

Luciano Huck and his new team
Anderson Borde/AgNews
Luciano Huck and his new team

Luciano Huck announced the new additions to "Caldeirão do Huck" on Wednesday afternoon (26), in the Globo Studios in Rio de Janeiro. The presenter was joined by names such as Caio Castro, Felipe Titto, Tatá Werneck and Ildi Silva among others, to talk about the new additions for 2014.

Alongside the General Director, Hélio Vargas, and the director, Boninho , Luciano Huck commented about the program. “Creating the new parts was a really cool process, we formed a creative group to discuss ideas, we are experimenting new things, the year is just beginning” said the presenter on the website of "Caldeirão".

One of the biggest hopes of the show is the “Saltibum” sketch, in which celebrities take part in a high diving competition. Caio Castro, Felipe Titto, Kiko Pissolato,Rômulo Neto, Duda Nagle, Leonardo Miggiorin, Eri Johnson, Camilla Camargo, Fiorella Mattheis, Ildi Silva, Rhaissa Carvalho, Priscila Marinho and Raquel Villar are all part of the reality show. “It’s a cast with so many personalities which combined to make the perfect mix. They’re all warriors because I’ve practiced sport my whole life, I went up on the diving platform and was struck with fear”.

During the press conference, the “Quem Fica Com Tudo?” sketch was also presented, a game in which the anonymous competitors have to prove their powers of persuasion. Another game announced was “Acerte o Desenho” whose participants will have to show their drawing skills. The “Caldeirão” team also spoke about the sketch “Um Por Todos”, about people that help their communities. The already sacred “Lata Velha”, “Vou de Taxi”, "Ruim de Roda", "Jovens Inventores" and "Peneira" continue on the program schedule, but with new seasons.

Thinking ahead to the World Cup – which will be held in Brazil in 2014 – Luciano Huck will count on appearances from a special reporter. “We will be live, like we did for the Confederations Cup. We will have Tatá Werneck helping us with the transmissions”, he announced on the "Caldeirão" website.