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The actor says he is changing: “I consider myself a thousand times better than the guy who used to receive the most fan mail on the number one TV station”

Dado Dolabella is preparing himself to play a neo-Nazi in the soap opera "Vitória", which substitutes “Pecado Mortal” in June, on Record. The actor revealed that to play the role of a tough guy with no intellectual content, he had to change his eating habits.

Dado Dolabella says he is now a good boy
Manuela Scarpa/Photo Rio News
Dado Dolabella says he is now a good boy

“I have never had to prepare so hard for a character. I assembled a team of reputable doctors in order to become this guy with an enviable physique. That was a lot of work. You have to re-educate yourself about nutrition. I am really happy with this new work” he said.

It wasn’t only Dado’s eating habits which suffered changes. According to him, just like the body, his emotional side has also become balanced due to his kids João Valentim and Eduardo, both four, and two year old Ana Flor. “I need to change my image, because you have to show what you want to be to your children. Education is a mirror; it’s not what we say. What we say isn’t worth much, because we only say it. They copy what we are. It’s what they do. I’ve changed a lot because of this”, explained the actor, who credits practicing yoga for his new more focused phase and staying out of trouble.

The three children motivate Dado to stay focused on work and make him fight more and more to become a winner. “They are three children, three mouths to feed, three times more work, three times more responsibility. So the rushing around is three times more as well. All of this reflects on my desire to win in life, to make Record become the number one. And we will be, I am certain. This year we will work a lot” he commented.

The actor and singer also spoke about how his controversial past was due to the lack of his father, Carlos Eduardo Dolabella, who died in 2002 when Dado was 21 years old. “The start of my career was very complicated. I was very close to my dad, and lost him very early. The path has been very confused until here”, he explained.

“I feel born again, this time much better. A thousand times better than that guy 10 years ago, the guy who used to receive the most fan mail on the number one TV station in Brazil”, he concluded.

With a contract with Record until 2015, Dado says that he has a debt of gratification with the TV station that took him in during difficult times. “I feel at home at Record, it’s like a family. I see the energy of the place, that thing of having a lot of faith in human beings. They had faith in me; they have a lot of faith in me. So, the least I have to do is do my job”.