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The count shared a photo on a yacht this Thursday morning (20). “With a little or a lot it’s important to know how to live. Good morning”

Chiquinho Scarpa having breakfast
Chiquinho Scarpa having breakfast

Chiquinho Scarpa started the day in style and decided to share the moment with his followers on Facebook. In a dressing gown, the count toasted with champagne during breakfast on his yacht on the coast of Sao Paulo. “With a little or a lot it’s important to know how to live. Good morning” he wrote as the caption for the image.

Immediately, hundreds of internet users started to comment on the image, sparking an early controversy on the social network. Some people criticized his “ostentation”. “You only speak like that because you don’t know what it’s like to live on a salary, with a life like that, anybody can be happy. I’d like to see you living happily earning a salary. Swap with me for just a day Count, I want to see if you would be happy without all that pampering” wrote one person. “Having a lot like you, living must be much easier”, criticized another. “I want to see you smile like that while taking a bus in the rain”, added another of the count’s followers. “Good for you, right? But not everybody can. I, for example, would like to have just a tiny piece of the nail from your little toe” another person joked.

The count responded. “For the many who ask: I sleep peacefully, yes, and with a clear conscience for having helped all those I can and for never having harmed anybody. And God is present in every second of my life. And I continue to confirm the worst thing in the world is the bitterness in the hearts of some”.

Chiquinho regularly shares moments from parties and leisure time on his page. On Wednesday afternoon (19), the count showed other photos of relaxing moments on his boat and wrote: “An excellent evening to all my friends! If God is for us, who can be against us? Nobody”.