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The actress and singer is the mother of Bruna, who turned 20 last Wednesday (5)

Emanuelle Araújo
Manuela Scarpa/Photo Rio News
Emanuelle Araújo

Emanuelle Araújo attended the premiere of the movie “SOS – Mulheres ao Mar” , in which she plays the character Beatriz, on Tuesday night (11) in Villa-Lobos Shopping Center in Sao Paulo. Excited, the actress spoke about what it was like to spend 15 days with the entire cast on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea.

“They were intense days, but there was still a touch of vacation because we all got on so well, there was a lot of bonding and I think this is important for a film like this one, this bond of friendship and fun was essential”.

The movie tells the story of Adriana (Giovanna Antonelli) who embarks on a cruise to prove her love, determined to win back her ex-husband Eduardo (Marcello Airoldi) who is with his new girlfriend Beatriz (Emanuelle Araújo), a TV star. Asked about an amusing proof of love that she had received, Emanuelle laughed “I think the biggest proof of love is to be by your side every day, wake up, sleep, do the things together, this is the greatest proof of love that exists”.

With the new album by Moinho , her band, hot off the press and already released on iTunes, Emanuelle revealed that her daughter Bruna , 20 years old, is already following in her footsteps.

“To be an actress no, I think Bruna is very cool, right? Her outgoing side all stayed with her mom”, she said laughing. “But she’s already singing, she really likes to sing, and compose, but prefers to be in a more withdrawn place, but that’s her way. I never imagined that she would become a singer, she needs to follow her own path”.