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The singer took part in the recording of the program “Altas Horas”, by Globo, and spoke about her first pregnancy

Sandy is expecting a boy
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Sandy is expecting a boy

Sandy made a special appearance this Tuesday afternoon (18) on the recording of the program “Altas Horas” by Globo, to sing the song “Inesquecível” (Unforgettable) alongside Laura Pausini, a duet already formed in 2001, during Laura’s tour of Brazil.

During the chat with Serginho Groisman, the singer satisfied the presenter’s curiosity about her pregnancy of four months. “I actually found out using a test from the pharmacy, very simple” she said. When asked if it was Lucas who had taken her the test she answered: “No, No, I already had one at home. In truth, I had a few scares before, so I had already bought one.”

The father Lucas Lima had already proudly announced the sex of the baby. “It is the next UFC champion”, he joked, and then added that it was the first of an entire team.

During the program Sandy showed that she is worried about the exposure of the baby. “As adults we know how to set limits. I lead my life in a way that’s ideal for me, but there are already many things I don’t have control of. Now a child will depend on me, I don’t want it appear. “I don’t want to sound unfriendly; I just want to be protective. I’m aware that I won’t be able to prohibit everything, but I want to try as much as possible”.


Sandy even took the opportunity to answer questions from the audience about her film debut alongside Antonio Fagundes in the movie “Quando Eu Era Vivo” (When I Was Alive), directed by Marcos Dutra. “The filming was very calm; it was a very serious challenge. We left really emotionally charged from the more serious scenes”.

When the subject was whether the singer accepted the role in the horror film to escape the “good girl” stereotype, she is categorical. “A long time ago I decided that I would never behave in a way for the sake of image. So I never choose anything in order to change my image”.