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The actor turned 36 with a party in Sao Paulo, and spoke about the arrival of his daughter, Maria Eduarda

Henri Castelli celebrates his 36 birthday with his wife Juliana Despírito
Claudio Augusto/Foto Rio News
Henri Castelli celebrates his 36 birthday with his wife Juliana Despírito

Henri Castelli celebrated turning 36 with some friends in the bar of which he is a partner in Itaim Bibi, in the south of Sao Paulo, on Tuesday night (18). Upbeat, the actor joked by saying he was unsure which year he was celebrating and spoke about his new age: “I thought I was turning 35, I decided to stay a few more years at this age” he said laughing. “It’s obvious that you mature each year, each day is a new lesson and you try to be better, perfecting and maturing”.

With 40 years on the horizon, Henri says that he loves looking in the mirror to see that he already has some grey hairs in his beard. “I don’t have any problem with age, I love having a bit of a white beard, it’s a part of life and I enjoy my life with all the moments it brings. I have always really enjoyed it, so there is no reason not to want to reach 40 and 50 years and not show it. This crisis that people talk about won’t happen to me.”

Visibly happy with the birth of his second daughter, Maria Eduarda, in January, the fruit of his relationship with the press officer Juliana Despírito, the actor already imagines what it will be like in the future. “I won’t be jealous; I think I will be an active father who will be close to show her what I learnt during my life. With this, she will be able to defend herself on her own”, he said. He is also the father of Lucas, 7 years old, from his marriage with the top model Isabelli Fontana.

After being in a relationship for one year and living together with the women, Henri said that he thinks about getting married again. “I’ve been married before and separated; I don’t have any kind of trauma about that, actually I’m all in favor of getting married. I think it’s really cool having a family, having someone and I look for that. I like having a family close by, I think that’s what gives us structure”