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In the early hours of Tuesday (11), “The Noite” was marked by a great script, a large set, a well-oiled castand good laughs

Danilo Gentili made his debut in “The Noite” on SBT
Danilo Gentili made his debut in “The Noite” on SBT

In the early hours of Tuesday (11), Danilo Gentili made his debut in “The Noite” on SBT with a surprisingly higher standard than many other programs on the network. Starting with a large, modern set, with areas divided by the band Ultraje a Rigor , two entrances for guests – one being a fireman’s pole -, a bar with beer on tap and the traditional sofa for the interviews.

Ratinho, Raul Gil and Ivo Holanda
The opening of the new program stood out due to the excellent script and for the participation of a large part of the SBT cast. It was certainly one of the funniest parts of the show. Firstly, Danilo came on to the "Máquina da Fama" stage at the end of Patricia Abravanel’s show, who has handed the timeslot over to “The Night” on Mondays. Then the presenter ran to the network’s studios to get: Murilo Couto surrounded by the children from "Chiquititas"; the musician Mingau from the "Teste de Paternidade" of “Programa do Ratinho”; Léo Lins without a shirt in “Rola ou Enrola” from Eliana’s show; the stage assistant Juliana from the stage of “Casos de Família” part of Christina Rocha’s program, and the singer Roger from the stage of "Programa Raul Gil". The arrival of everyone on the set of the program “Jô Soares Onze e Meia" from the 1990’s concluded the opening in a well edited and amusing way. In the audience, Ivo Holanda explained the “joke” and announced the new late show from the network owned by Silvio Santos .

"Jequititarde with Danilo Jequitili"
The parody of the network boss’s cosmetics company was hilarious in the sketch which
showed the possible names for the show, such as "Agora é Jequititarde with Danilo
Jequitili" and "Dormindo Legal” in reference to the program by Celso Portioli.

Oliver at the Retiro dos Artistas (Artists’ Retreat): A Joke about the house of Marcelo Mansfield, who ‘pulled out’ of the change from Band to SBT
Oliver at the Retiro dos Artistas (Artists’ Retreat): A Joke about the house of Marcelo Mansfield, who ‘pulled out’ of the change from Band to SBT

A Swipe at Band
The start of the first program was marked by swipes at Band and the comedian

Marcelo Mansfield , who preferred to continue on “Agora É Tarde” alongside Rafinha Bastos, the substitute for Danilo Gentili on the show. Besides saying that “now I get meal tickets” and that the new set is not made from “recycled rubbish” like on the old station, Danilo made a point of treating the absence of Marco Mansfield with good humor. “The old man pulled out” and “any idiot can do what he was doing” where
two of the phrases used to refer to his old colleague from the cast, substituted by the
announcer Diguinho Coruja in the new format. “Marcelo is not going to work with us
this year. So, I am not going to change anything”, said Leo Lins who appeared looking
for the old member of the team in front of a house supposed to belong to Mansfield. At
the door, Oliver, who plays the seducer of the "Teste de Fidelidade" appeared wearing
a towel wrapped around his waist to meet Lins. “He doesn’t want to appear”, Oliver
responded, part of a joke about Mansfield’s sexual orientation.

Fábio Porchat
A large part of the show featured the presence of Fábio Porchat . Introduced as the
“most successful comedian of the moment”, he cut the opening ribbon of the stage
and won the “key” to the program, in reference to events in which the “key to the city”
is presented to illustrious citizens. The interview revealed that the comedian intends
to invest in his international career. “First, I need to improve my English to tell jokes.
I want to write a series and present abroad”. The launch of the first series of the
YouTube channel “Porta dos Fundos”, in April, was also revealed exclusively to Gentili.
The story will star Porchat and Gregório Duvivier and the central theme will be AIDS.
“It’s an important subject, not often spoken about and we are going to approach it with

The show even had an enactment by Porchat. Threatened by police after the release of
the video “Dura”, Porchat explained that he had let the episode pass, just like the news
and gossip about his personal life, but he was interrupted by a laser sight and dropped
dead on the presenter’s table.

Roque takes part in the show
Roque takes part in the show

Rock with Roque
“The Night” which lasted just under an hour, finished with Roque, the network owner’s famous stage assistant, who came on amid the performance by Ultraje a Rigor while the set was invaded by the team that works behind the scenes of the program.