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The presenter said that he reached a weight of 160kg. Three months after the bariatric surgery, he still intends to get to 90 kg

André Marques on 'Fantástico'
Reprodução/ TV Globo
André Marques on 'Fantástico'

Three and a half months after having surgery to reduce his stomach, Andre André Marques told “Fantastico” about the operation this Sunday (8). “Man, it was primarily for health reasons. If you say: ‘yeah right’ then maybe a small part was for aesthetic reasons as well, what do you want, everyone wants to feel better looking, healthier. And I never cared much about my body. I was diabetic. I used to smoke almost four packets of cigarettes per day. My life was very sedentary. I didn’t do any exercise”, he said. “Man, there are lots of things that fat people suffer. Tying your shoelaces is a mission. Seriously! I used to leave all my shoes tied, or I used slip-ons.

Andre mentioned that his life was at risk. “The doctor told me: ‘And you might not even die, but you won’t live beyond 40 with that liver, that’s certain’. I’m 34, right?” he said.

The presenter showed the journalist Tadeu Schmidt two pieces of loose clothing, from when he weighed 160kg. “The soul loses weight as well, I think. I know that if I don’t change my habits – I’m changing – I could put on weight again, like lots of people put on weight. If I’m not mistaken, 30% of people gain weight again after bariatric surgery. Chatting with a psychologist I realized I was not a loser. I was a guy who if I didn’t do it I would have lost quickly. I was going to die. I operated with almost 160kg. Now I’m 107kg. I want to reach 90, 95. I used to say this before, when I was fat, but now my mind is slimmer. ‘I want to get down to 85 to go back to 95 eating junk.’ There’s that, fat people think like that, but I have already given up those thoughts. I want to stay at a healthy 90, 95. If I lose another 10 or 15 kilos I think it will be good. Now I want to stay well. That’s my aim”, he concluded.