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A press officer for the actress confirmed the end of the relationship on Tuesday (11)

The last photo of Bruna Marquezine with Neymar, celebrating his birthday, which was also deleted.
The last photo of Bruna Marquezine with Neymar, celebrating his birthday, which was also deleted.

Bruna Marquezine deleted all the photos of Neymar from her Instagram on Tuesday (11). The actress, who currently stars in the soap opera "Em Família", even erased the record of last Wednesday (5) in which she made a declaration of love on the Barcelona player’s birthday.

When contacted by iG reporters the press officer was only able to confirm the end of the relationship.

The athlete also used social media and made a mysterious comment by posting the lyrics from a song by the pagode group Revelação. “Whoever sows the seed of love/move on don’t panic/ If you find disappointment in life/ Know to wait your turn/ Sometimes happiness is slow to arrive/ So we can’t stop dreaming/ the warrior doesn’t avoid the fight and can’t run away/Nobody will be able to delay what is born to win/ It’s a sunny day but it could cloud over /The rain only comes when it needs to wet/ In life you need to learn to reap the good that you sow/ It is God who chooses the star which has to shine/ Lift your head, get up and show some pride/ Send this sadness away/you can believe that a new day will dawn/ your time will come”.

The last record of Neymar with Bruna Marquezine on Instagram is from two months ago.

Last Monday (3), the day the first episode of "Em Família" was broadcast, Bruna Marquezine took part in the program "Mais Você" on Globo. Besides declaring that she and Neymar were “very well and in love”, the actress gave an official Barcelona jersey, with the player’s number, to the actor Oscar Magrini.

Bruna Marquezine recently denied the breakup in interviews after the couple had been through a crisis and partied in different places on New Year’s Eve. One of the reasons that may have led to the misunderstanding of the actress with the soccer player was the presence of Laryssa de Oliveira and some other girls at the soccer star’s house in Barcelona between December 6 and 11, 2013. Meanwhile, Neymar alleged that he would sue Laryssa after she made a series of controversial declarations. “We are just friends. But the fact that Bruna knew that her boyfriend paid for flights and hotels got to her” explained the youngster on the program "A Tarde É Sua", presented by Sônia.