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The presenter preferred not to show the ex-boxer, who is in hospital fighting against Alzheimer’s and dementia pugilistica, but spoke with his wife Irani

Luciana Gimenez visits Maguila in hospital and speaks with the ex-boxer’s wife
Luciana Gimenez visits Maguila in hospital and speaks with the ex-boxer’s wife

On “SuperPop” this Monday (12), on RedeTV!, Luciana Gimenez showed an interview she had done with Irani, the wife of Maguila, in a hospital in Sao Paulo, where the ex-boxer is hospitalized to treat Alzheimer’s disease and dementia pugilistica – an illness developed by boxers who are subjected to many traumas to the head during their lives. “He came here with symptoms of the start of pneumonia. He had to be drip-fed and today he’s already able to eat soft foods” explained Irani.

After showing a retrospective of the boxer, Luciana wanted to understand more about how the symptoms of his illness began. “Five, six years ago Maguila started to display aggressive behavior, not sleeping and from there I started to notice a problem with him. We found a Doctor, a friend of ours, and started treating depression”, she said, the dementia was still undiscovered at this point. “Then he began forgetting things. Today, the dementia makes swallowing difficult, thus he has lost weight. For me, dementia is the worst disease. He is slowly wasting away” she concluded.

Unaware of the state of his health, Luciana asks about the desire of the ex-boxer, as the symptoms are degenerative. “He doesn’t want to live in a bed. But I have already told him that we have to fight. The control is in the hands of God and he is who decides. I don’t believe in (full) recovery, but I don’t want to see him suffer” expressed Irani.

After the interview Luciana decided to go to Maguila’s room, without the cameras. “I thought he would be worse. He is thin, but I think he will get better. For those of us who are fans, I believe that he will get better. He is with us and is fighting”, said the presenter.

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